“My name is John Kimsey and I volunteer for Grace Giving International.  I am a husband of a beautiful wife, father of four wonderful children, full-time employee at a “real” job, and a son of the Most High God.   I believe it is my duty to follow God’s calling in my life and even though it can be hard to discern what that calling is, I firmly believe He has called me to support the Holy Spirit’s work in Uganda.  I volunteer my time, talents, and treasures with GGI because I wish to share the Gospel of Christ with others, to follow the Lord’s command to help those, to demonstrate the love of Christ through my actions, and to make a difference in the lives of others.  All of these things I’m called to do I can through GGI.  As the Country Director for Uganda, it is my privilege to raise the needed financial support to enable the local church to serve their community, share the gospel of Christ, and live out our brotherly faith in Jesus.”